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IMEG takes on Sevier County marketing campaign www.visitmysmokies.com

Earlier this year, Sevier County’s Tourism Committee requested for companies interested in becoming its new agency to promote the www.visitmysmokies.com website, to submit their qualifications. Four companies responded to the request. Both IMEG and Texas-based U.S. Destination Marketing (USDM) were invited back for another round of interviews. IMEG won the bid against USDM and has Read More »

What is a good quality score for Google adwords?

What is a good quality score for Google adwords? First, what is Google Adwords Quality Score? 1. Quality score is kept at the keyword level, ad level, and account level 2. Quality score is largely but not completely based on CTR (Click Through Rate) 3. High quality score lowers the bid required to achieve a Read More »

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