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Google Authorship and How It Can Boost SEO

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Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

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SEO and Responsive Design for Mobile Websites

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Bing Webmaster Tools SEO Optimization

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Got Klout? Influence and how it works.

You undoubtedly know someone who can recommend all of the best restaurants, coolest movies, great places to shop, and even best places to get your hair cut. When you trust that individual, that person can have influence over you. It’s no surprise that there are very influential people in the online world, who may be Read More »

Who is Calvin Lee and Why Do You Care? Social Influence 101

Calvin Lee is a graphic designer for the city of Los Angeles. He is also one of the most sought-after non-celebrity online personalities for brands in the world. What is it that makes Calvin Lee special? The fact that he tweets up to 200 times a day helps! It’s not just that he tweets, it’s Read More »

Top Social Media Predictions For 2013, IMEG sits down to discuss with the experts! – IMEG Social Media Marketing & SEO

What will 2013 hold for social media? Let’s explore. Social media has evolved exponentially in 2012 since its first arrival to our fingertips almost  five years ago. In a social media continuum of evolution its power is misunderstood by a majority of users. Capturing the world by storm the social media phenomenon continues to gain Read More »

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