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IMEG takes on Sevier County marketing campaign www.visitmysmokies.com

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IMEG takes on Sevier County marketing campaign www.visitmysmokies.com

Earlier this year, Sevier County’s Tourism Committee requested for companies interested in becoming its new agency to promote the www.visitmysmokies.com website, to submit their qualifications. Four companies responded to the request. Both IMEG and Texas-based U.S. Destination Marketing (USDM) were invited back for another round of interviews. IMEG won the bid against USDM and has been partnered with the county since late August 2012.

IMEG recently performed an analysis on its marketing progress. The company has only implemented less than 40% of its plan and budget. Analyzing this progress has given rise to a level of expectation within the company, as IMEG expects continued progress in the following month. Results from this analysis include several elements of progress within the first 25 days, and are as follows: Increased unique visitors to partners by an average 37.22%, increased page views to partners by an average of 43.67%, decreased bounce rate to partners by an average of .11%, and increased time spent on partner’s site by an average of 13.29%.

Currently, IMEG is building a campaign of its own. The company is dedicating more time to pre-existing clients and future clients. Certainly you will see new faces however with new faces, comes new ideas, methods and stronger resources.

With new accounts come newstaff members….
IMEG is growing, and quickly. IMEG has currently hired 3 new full time employees in the recent months.. Meet the new team members:

George Abraham Duffy
Programmer/Mathematician/Physics Guru
University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN
B.S. in Physics

Candice T. McNamara
Candice@imegonline.com/Link to blog
Marketing /Public Relations Specialist
Lee University, Cleveland TN
B.A. in Public Relations emphasis in travel and tourism.

Brad Lovett
Brad@imegonline.com/Link to blog
Social Media Manager
Studied Social Media
Experienced Social Media manager, broadcaster and marketer. Social Media Club/Knoxville member and Social Slam volunteer. Follow on Twitter at @Brad_Lovett


I imagine a world where, every day, people wake up and live an inspired life and not just exist. In a world where people think for themselves, in a world where people constantly become a better version of themselves every single day and live in their telos.

I am fascinated by human behavior, human potential, business, teleology, psychotechnology, travel and goats. I have devoted my life to the study of human behavior, challenging status quo and inspiring others to give up fear and excuses to be who they really want to be.

I am best known for marketing, work ethic and thinking differently. I am fascinated by leaders of today and the past who have made great impacts on society. I am dedicated to lifelong study, personal achievement, constant growth and inspiring others to take action to get what they want.

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