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Why Your About Us Page is Important

Why Your About Us Page is Important

About Us textWhich web page on a company’s site gets the most visitors? If you answered the About Us page, you were right. When users have reached a website they usually visit the about page within three or four clicks. This makes it the most clicked page on websites, yet many companies are not taking advantage of this prime real estate.


Most importantly, the About Us page isn’t about the company; it’s about the reader. When you look at a website for a product or service, you want the best, right? Readers want to see what you can do for them. For an entertaining show or a comfortable rental, you need to prove to them that you offer what they need. Rather than writing about what you do, tell customers what solutions and benefits you can offer them. Our About Us page explains what sets our company apart. People considering our services appreciate this much more than anything else we could have written.

This valuable space can be where you keep viewers on site the longest. Engage them with an interesting story about the company or a unique perspective on the company’s history. Adding testimonials and photos with the content will catch the viewers eye if they are only skimming.

If photos are added, they must match the content. IMEG’s Content Marketing team makes sure to match the tone of the photos with the content, so the reader can flow between pages without feeling disconnected.

Last, the look of the entire website matters. The internet has gone mobile. To accommodate the majority who now carry smartphones and tablets, responsive sites have become an important part of web design. Users will appreciate finding a site works well with their device and will stay on the About page and the entire site longer.

How IMEG Can Help

No matter what, never stop tweaking. A great about page is a work in progress. New accomplishments should always influence the about page.

IMEG’s Content Marketing department updates about pages by blending creativity and branding to keep readers interested. To find out how we can help you improve your website, contact us on our website or call to schedule a consultation at 1-800-736-1122.

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