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Cabin rental company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with rentals throughout the Great Smoky Mountain area with less than 60 units.


We implemented Live Chat with live agents 24 hours per day, not using AI, but real U.S.-based human, live chat operators. We implemented this chat on the website with a live chat popup as well as a text to chat option. We also implemented this on Facebook Messenger. We added a function to allow the chat agent to immediately connect the potential guest to a reservationist instantly,  to help conversion. We implemented revenue tracking online and offline to track the revenue results from Live Chat. Live Chat helps with converting traffic you hav already paid for. The average ecommerce conversion in the US is at 2.63%. The average ecommerce conversion globally is at 4.31%. At IMEG we are experts in bringing traffic to your website but also experts at implementing tools and strategies to convert that traffic into real dollars. 



From February 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020 

  • 1059 Leads in the First 29 Days (Name, Email, Phone, and more)
  • $119,036.60 in Direct Revenue in the First 29 days 
  • 47,805% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
  • Anticipated Annual Leads from Live Chat: 12,708
  • Anticipated Annual Revenue from Live Chat: $1,428,432
  • Anticipated Annual ROAS from Live Chat: 47,805%
  • Average leads per month before Live Chat 81 – After Live Chat over 1,000 per month.
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