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We always start with the end in mind

and then reverse engineer using the first principles method.

If you look at any person or business who has had abnormal success given the same circumstances, you will normally find that they thought differently than anyone else doing what they did which explains why they got a different result.

If you are new to the first principles method, it is a pretty basic concept, but most never use it. You have 2 core ways to think. The first is by analogy and the second is by the first principles method. Using the analogy process, you compare experiences to what we already know. Business XYZ does ABC and it seems to work, so we should try that and maybe we can do X and improve upon what they are doing. If we use this method, we will end up getting what everyone else has. What everyone else has in the marketing world is a world of tracking estimated impressions by anonymous people, like an estimated guess. This leads us to the first principles way of thinking. When using the first principles way of thinking, you don’t think by what other people are doing or by what you have already done, you think using fundamental truths. Below are the core fundamental truths we start with when creating a plan for your business

Over 100 years ago, John Wanamaker made this quote and many people still use it today:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.


Answering John’s question for our clients is why we were founded. Our clients never have to ask this question because we can tell them exactly what is working and what is not.

We always know what is working and what is not and continually optimize results. That is why we get results other marketing companies do not get, even when we operate with the same budget.

Marketing, in its simplest form, is getting in front of the right person at the right time to convert them. Internally, we like to say we day trade attention and use the best tools and methods to constantly arbitrage to get the most conversion at the least cost.


Are we in front of the right people?


Are they taking the action we want them to take?


Are we getting an acquisition cost that allows us optimal profit?


Is our process scalable?


Is our process repeatable?


Is our process constantly being optimized for optimal results?


Is there a better way?



We are the industry leader in increasing rankings on Google and other major search engines and, most importantly, driving revenue to the bottom line. Our average client ROI is over 800%.


We have managed millions of dollars a year for over 15 years. IMEG is an industry leader in paid search optimization ensuring the highest ROI. With our proprietary tools and processes, you can expect the highest ROI.


For over 7 years, we have blown away industry standards on engagement and conversion on social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Our clients see real revenue and ROI – not just engagement and reach metrics. Social is a very powerful channel to drive real revenue, short and long-term.


We advise and facilitate content programs for companies of all sizes. We can help in any part of the process, including blogs, micro content, video content and more. If content is king and conversion is queen, we have both covered.


We have a dedicated in-house team of designers and developers who are masters at website development, mobile app development and solid UX and UI. This is critical as a core foundation to any marketing effort. With over 400 websites under our belt, and over 100 apps, our team has the experience needed to build, design and develop exactly what you need for your business.


An average of 3% of people who visit your website will convert, but we can change that with our solid understanding of retargeting and remarketing. Through filters, psychographics and other methodologies, we remarket to the qualified audience to ensure the highest ROI.


We have extensive experience in the travel and tourism marketing industry, especially in the Smoky Mountain market. We continue to study and analyze market trends to ensure the best results for our clients.


Email marketing is not dead in fact it is more viable than ever. We have strategies to build, nurture, segment, and gather insights from email databases to get results well above industry standard. We can show you the real ROI of email marketing and SMS ( text ) message marketing. We have built proprietary tools and platforms allowing us to lead in this marketing channel like no one else.


If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. From modeling your audience to testing messaging, our analytics teams work across every aspect of your campaigns. We understand data is not a solution in itself. Our approach is to integrate data analysis and campaign expertise with your business and marketing goals. Are you looking to improve your website, track calls, optimize your Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns. We can track online and offline conversions and show true ROI and other core KPI’s to help optimize and make the best marketing decisions.


Videos and photos are core to any marketing effort and that is why we have developed a solid team to ensure core foundation is solid. We can create videos for social platforms, TV, web and much more. We also have some of the best photographers in the business. It is in IMEG’s culture to stay ahead of the curve so we also create virtual reality content.


We start with the telos – the end in mind. We are experts at reverse engineering to turn your goals into marketing strategies and create plans to ensure you meet your revenue and business goals. Reverse engineering is at our core; we offer over 45 products and services, so you are not limited to only a few services.


Not sure if your marketing is at peak performance or if it is even working? We can do a deep analysis and report on what is working and what is not so you can make decisions to help save you money and grow your business even more.


gem logo without textGEM, Guest Experience Manager, is a platform that allows a hotel to understand problems and correct them before the world becomes aware that they exist. GEM was built to solve multiple problems in the hotel industry. This tool has been proven in the industry and continues to produce results.


capture logo blackCapture is a tool built to show a potential guest the right message at the right time by using neuromarketing technology. When a potential guest lands on your website, they are looking for better value than the site they were on before, but time is crucial – the average time on site of a guest is not long if the value proposition is not present. Through deep research and understanding of a buyer’s intent, Capture was developed to allow your brand to show the guest a true value proposition at the right time. This tool has been proven to increase online conversion immediately after implementation.


rezemotion logoRezEmotion is a tool built to optimize the booking experience and increase online booking conversion on desktop, mobile devices and tablets. After years of analysis and deep research of the traveler’s journey to online booking, we found with most booking engines (PMS), there is extensive thought and time put into the back end, saving you time with managing the business. The problem is – the traveler only sees the front end of the booking engine during their online booking experience. We decided to invest our time and research into the front end of the booking engine to increase online booking conversion. To solve the problem of guests coming to our clients’ websites and not booking, we developed RezEmotion to add value to the traveler’s booking experience to increase online booking conversion and increase your revenue. Clients who have integrated with RezEmotion have seen up to 28% increase in online booking conversion. We also built RezEmotion to save development time and money; great online booking engines take much time and financial resources. RezEmotion can be launched in hours, not months, and for hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousands of dollars.


guest rewardsGuest Rewards Club is a platform that allows any hotel in the world to implement their very own Guest Rewards Club membership, not only like the big hotel chains, but even better. This platform was developed specifically to help hotels increase customer loyalty, add true value propositions, increase conversion and guest retention and much more.


We can track ads across a variety of channels to know what the competition is up to online. Depending on the scale and location of your competitor’s advertising campaign, we can track ads across a variety of channels to know what the competition is – or isn’t – doing online.


Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. We have the tools and the expertise to find the right influencers to spread the right message.

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