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What Do the Tourism Industry and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Have in Common?

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Tourism Industry and Dwayne the Rock Johnson

What Do the Tourism Industry and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Have in Common?

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION. Where is attention these days at scale? SOCIAL MEDIA. Whether you get your daily dose on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. you are engaged and on screen multiple times a day commenting, liking and sharing content. When this happens, you are giving your attention to a media company. Let me go a step further to explain ... we are all media companies. If you have a following of people who engage with your content on the regular, you are a media company. Though maybe small, you are a version of a media company.

Let's talk about that being scaled and then look at the numbers. Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” was just featured in an article on Forbes that gave an inside look at why he is Hollywood’s highest paid actor. On Instagram, he has more than 108 million followers, 58 million on Facebook and 13 million on Twitter. With these audiences, he does not let their attention go to waste. It is projected that he will cash in on millions of dollars just from social media after every movie he stars in and shares across his social media channels for promoting the movies. That means rather than dumping millions into billboards and TV ads, the producers would rather pay him. Why? Because the cost of attention is WAY less and super targeted.

Let's play this out. The Rock, who is the star in the upcoming movie, can share his movie with his fans at scale of millions of people from his owned media channels for cheaper than TV and billboards and also increase conversions on tickets sold because these people have the intent to engage with The Rock’s content already. It's a no-brainer! Cheaper and HIGHER ROI.

Where Does the Tourism Industry Come in?

Well, just like The Rock’s fans, we know where the attention of travelers are as well. SOCIAL MEDIA — and just like The Rock’s audience who value his content, there are even more people out there in the world who VALUE traveling. Here is a perspective: The Rock who has one of the largest celebrity followings on social media and is the highest-paid actor in the world did a gross $124,000,000 in business last year while the tourism industry in the U.S. averaged $118.2 million an hour … That calculates to over 1 trillion in traveler spending in 2017 according to USTravel.org.

Back on topic. Just like The Rock, the tourism industry has a massive audience on social media channels, yet it is so underutilized throughout the world in heavily traveled to markets. For example, just go look at some of your local tourism boards’ presence on Facebook and Instagram ... Less than 100,000 followers on Facebook and millions of people come to your city each year. Or a tourism-based business like a hotel, vacation rental company or attraction with under 10,000 followers. Something just doesn’t add up.

How Do We Change the Game in the Tourism Industry?

It is simple! We go gain the attention of the tourists who value our markets, content and information. We can use these social media platforms to target users based on their interest and past travel experiences before we even work on getting them to follow us. This is the part that is changing the game. There is no more guesswork in finding your target customer, just consistent marketing each day to the people who have a VALUE on your content. These are people who are traveling to your market each year spending money on tourism.

If you think your presence on social media could be better, then we are here to help! Email me at daniel@imegonline.com for more information on how to take your tourism-based business to the next level by scaling social media.

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