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This Tool Will Grow Your Business More Than Email Marketing – And It’s FREE

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Email and SMS marketing

This Tool Will Grow Your Business More Than Email Marketing – And It’s FREE

We all know email marketing is very powerful and used by most businesses as a solid marketing channel that increases sales and revenue. In marketing, we are always looking for the lowest acquisition costs to get in front of the right people. We commonly say we day trade attention.

In 2016, we built and launched a text messaging platform. We love email marketing, but we are always looking for better ways to reach people. While SMS marketing (text message marketing) is not a replacement for email, it sure is a solid addition.

When we launched our proprietary SMS platform, clients started asking us the value of a mobile number. We did some research and found a study conducted by the Database Marketing Institute that stated that having a name and mailing address was worth $5.60 each and an email address was worth $19. Now, of course, this varies based on several variables, like the product you sell, your database quality, the specific market you are in and so on.

But this still did not answer the question - what is the value of someone's number that you can send text messages to?

Email Marketing vs. Text Message Marketing

Average email open rate is around 19%. We took the average email address open rate and compared that to the open rate of a text message which is 520% better than the open rate of email. We took the value of an email address at $19 x 520% = $98.

While growing your email database is much easier than growing your mobile number database, the tools we have built in our proprietary text messaging platform have solved most of those problems. Our tools make it easy to grow your text message database as well as make it super easy to deliver communication to drive revenue after people sign up.

FREE SMS/Text Message Marketing Platform

If you are interested in growing with text messaging and growing your SMS database, we have built a solid application to help grow your list and easily send messages to grow your revenue using text messaging as a marketing channel.

We are currently offering this platform for FREE. Fill out the form below for more details and a quick demo. We are here to answer any questions you have.

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