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Making an Emotional Connection Through Marketing

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Making an Emotional Connection Through Marketing

man and woman sitting at a computerWhat role do emotions make in your decisions? If you’re like most, emotions matter. Few people make decisions by first thinking logically. Commonly, decisions are made from an instinct or emotional reaction, followed by logical reasons why the decision was made.

Emotions play a huge role in everyday choices. Because of that, emotional marketing and content marketing together have played a role in large corporation marketing strategies for years. J Crew has been a leader in the fashion industry with constant loyalty, in part because they create catalogs and content that depict a lifestyle that speaks to core customers.

Chevrolet’s recent shift from selling vehicles to telling stories about people behind the wheel began with consumers yearning to learn more about the brand’s core values.

In both cases, emotion and experiences speak to their demographic. J Crew’s whimsical style wouldn’t work with Chevrolet’s deep-rooted simplicity. Most importantly, the connection and emotion a company’s marketing and content creates is what will determine their product’s success or failure.

Emotional connections to a company are developed through good content created by writers who know how to sell an experience rather than just a product. IMEG’s Content Marketing Department is made up of trained writers who have spent time learning and researching each client’s demographic to understand the ins and outs of how they act and react.

From there, content marketing writers develop content to target potential customers and build trust.  Our team uses search engine optimization along with customer interests and innovation to create content that is memorable and will leave a lasting impression to, hopefully, make the sell.

Do you need help developing emotional and experience-filled marketing content? To find out how IMEG’s Content Marketing Department can help, contact us at (800) 736-1122 or complete the contact form on our website.

I imagine a world where, every day, people wake up and live an inspired life and not just exist. In a world where people think for themselves, in a world where people constantly become a better version of themselves every single day and live in their telos.

I am fascinated by human behavior, human potential, business, teleology, psychotechnology, travel and goats. I have devoted my life to the study of human behavior, challenging status quo and inspiring others to give up fear and excuses to be who they really want to be.

I am best known for marketing, work ethic and thinking differently. I am fascinated by leaders of today and the past who have made great impacts on society. I am dedicated to lifelong study, personal achievement, constant growth and inspiring others to take action to get what they want.

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