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Why is Website Traffic Growth Important?

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Website traffic increase

Why is Website Traffic Growth Important?

It’s no secret that the majority of the traffic that lands on your site are potential customers. Only a small percentage of that traffic is irrelevant or unqualified. So, to focus on the 95% of people coming to your site, what are you doing now to increase conversion and traffic?

After working with companies before and after they see the value in traffic growth to their business (website), I have found that businesses without the awareness of the importance of traffic growth have no idea that their decline in traffic growth is just like seeing fewer people walk in their door to look around and potentially become a paying customer. With a passion for helping businesses grow I am going to write this article with examples of businesses in the travel industry that have focused on growth through digital marketing and those that haven't. By the end of this article, you can be the judge of the importance of traffic growth through digital marketing.

Growing The Bottom Line

From working in the travel and tourism market in the Smoky Mountains, a business is either thriving or barely getting by. With over 12,000,000 visitors passing through this area each year, you can imagine the amount of strategy being implemented from businesses looking to gain loyalty and repeat customers to bring back year after year. Your first question is: “Why, with 12,000,000 visitors passing through a market, would any business just be getting by?” For example, a client of ours who has been in business in the market for over 20 years as a vacation rental company, just started really investing in the digital side of marketing. Their product is amazing but, for years, they just invested in a few print ads and sent out a few email blasts and that was it. After analyzing their bottom line over the years, they noticed a steady drop in revenue growth. At that point, the pain of knowing how many travelers come to this market and seeing their numbers were declining, they wanted answers. A voicemail I had left months back with details on how we could help them with room night growth from a digital marketing standpoint generated a call back.

Their first question was: “How did you know we needed help when you called?”

Me: “I checked your calendar and noticed while most of the market was full, your properties were not.”

Client: “I see; what do you believe our biggest problem is?”

Me: “How can a customer do business with you if they don’t know you exist?”

Now we were getting somewhere! We scheduled a meeting the following week to analyze their entire portfolio of properties and to build a strategy to move the needle!

There's No Sustainable Quick Fix In Business

If you’re bleeding at the neck, are you going to get the world’s best band-aid or go see the best surgeon in town? If you choose the best surgeon in town, please continue reading. Sorry to get graphic, but I want to make a point and bring us back into the business side of things. A business that makes decisions based on feelings and hopes will eventually have problems occur. When that happens, there is no absolute quick fix to guarantee that it's all going to be okay tomorrow BUT there is a way to stop the bleeding and start repairing the internal issues. Before you know it, you're healed up and looking towards the future forgetting the massive issue there once was.

Any successful business owner will tell you business is a marathon, not a sprint, so your mind must be trained for the stamina that is needed long term. Our agency is built around these core fundamental truths as well as our growing clients and their businesses!

There's No Problem Too Big Or Too Small

Whether your website is 10 years old and has been untouched since the day it was built, you have no social media accounts for you business, no website traffic, broken links or you don't even have a website, there is no problem too big or too small. These are just a few of the thousands of issues businesses have on a day-to-day basis in an age where over 50% of all online searches happen from a mobile device. We want to be the friends in business who help you grab the low hanging fruit that's out there to start growing your business online with digital marketing.

We are offering a FREE analysis to any businesses that can tell us 3 of their biggest problems in their business that are costing them time, money and energy! Click here to contact us or email: daniel@imegonline.com.

I wake up each day in search of people who want to achieve goals larger than their dreams. I believe goals should be set just out of our reach so we spend a lifetime working with the end in mind, keeping our appetite for success steady and fierce.

My goal at IMEG is to deliver the most innovative, problem-solving tools that generate revenue for people who are seeking to grow their business. I am driven by 2 things - growth & more growth. I value the relationship that is developed with someone during the process of helping them grow their business. Here at IMEG, we find problems in businesses and use technology to develop a solution. These technologies have been proven to allow businesses more scalability and time to focus in other needed areas.

A man named Napoleon Hill once said, “whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.” Our mental mindset plays a large part in whether we take action or sit on the sidelines and say things like “I could have” or “I wish I would have.” I challenge you today to ask yourself what you want to achieve, then start taking action mentally to move toward that goal. If your goal is to grow your business, I am here to help make that happen!

Let’s Grow,

Daniel Evans
IMEG - Internet Market Expert Group