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How Investing 1,000,000 Dollars With Facebook Grew Our Clients’ Businesses

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How Investing 1,000,000 Dollars With Facebook Grew Our Clients’ Businesses

There are millions of businesses throughout the world and it would be far from the truth if we told you we could grow all of them with Facebook strategies.

New businesses are just like a baby - they begin to crawl, they begin to walk, then they stand and fall down multiple times, then they stand and take their first steps falling again - always growing and getting to know their limits and expectations better in that time.

Businesses, out of their infancy on into their expanding years, are more comparable to a young man or woman entering college from high school with vision and aspirations to become something more than themselves. This is where businesses begin to scale and reach people in a way they did not in the beginning because they are thinking larger than just themselves and their brand it's the thought of “How many people can we serve and serve well?”

At the the end of the day if you are in business and serious about hitting your goals, you are going to be focused on these areas and growing them with a sustainable approach.

Where Does Facebook Enter The Picture?

Facebook - a business as well and the fastest growing media company in the world…. EVER. What did they do to grow so fast? They connect people with their highest values on a daily basis. With that said, as of June 2017, there are 1.32 billion daily active users on the platform every single day. Why? Because people are receiving the information they want more on Facebook than any other media source on the planet.

This is where it gets fun. If there are 1.32 billion active users, does that mean your customer is on Facebook? I’m not going tell you it's 100% fact they are, but I will say i'm 99.99% sure there is a great chance they have been active on Facebook for years!

This is why I am writing this article. If you're doing in business in 2017 and want to GROW your customer base, I can help you get in front of them to build a lasting relationship that will allow you to serve them with the products and services you have that align with their values.

How Can We Use Facebook To Do That?

We love this question! We use Facebook every single day to help our clients reach their customer at the lowest cost. We help our clients reach their customers at scale for the lowest cost that produces the highest ROI.

Here's HOW. Facebook has is the most intuitive ad platform in the world and also in history.


Business XYZ sell cakes. They can currently produce 960 cakes per year, 80 cakes per month, 20 cakes per week or 4 cakes per day. Our next step is to use Facebook and other tools to locate people who fit the demographic for this product. After our research, we find that there are over 30,000 people within a 10 mile radius of the business who fit the demographic that would or have done business with this type of business before. (Please note that this example is very general and there are many research variables that take place before we propose a Facebook strategy.)

Next, we set a budget to test as this has not been done strategically with the right content, call to actions or targeting that must be done to produce ROI. We must always test to find scalability then we have a solid plan.

Here’s the Answer You’re Waiting On - How Investing 1,000,000 Dollars With Facebook Grew Our Clients’ Businesses

We service hundreds of businesses with our products and services and there is not one that does not use IMEG for either consulting or actual strategy with Facebook. With that said, we have spent over $1,000,000 with Facebook in the last year growing our clients’ businesses. After realizing this, it brought the awareness of just how strong and dialed in the platform is for all types of businesses.

If you would like a phone call or in person meeting with me or one of my team members about how Facebook strategy could help your business grow, we are here to help as this is our ultimate passion! Thanks for reading!

Let’s Grow,

Daniel Evans
Director of Growth
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