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What is a good quality score for Google adwords?

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What is a good quality score for Google adwords?

What is a good quality score for Google adwords?

First, what is Google Adwords Quality Score?
1. Quality score is kept at the keyword level, ad level, and account level
2. Quality score is largely but not completely based on CTR (Click Through Rate)
3. High quality score lowers the bid required to achieve a given ad position

Based on the above, one would assume the goal would be to get 10/10 on every keyword, but it seems a quality score of 7 is good enough.

We have seen here at IMEG in the PPC Management Department is when we manage the numerous account we manage that anything less than 5 be paused or not shown. So we suggest shoot for a 10 but if you get a 7 or a above on each phrase you should be just fine. However, if you have any 5 or less we would suggest delete or find a way to get all to a 7 or better to make certain on the ad level and account level you maintain that 7 or better google likes to see.

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