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Established in 2009, IMEG Agency was named one of the most influential advertising and marketing businesses in East Tennessee by the Knoxville Book of Lists.

A collection of experts in online media, IMEG is equipped with a personal approach to deliver exact results through industry-leading tracking technology. As business owners, we understand the amount of time,effort and money it takes to establish and maintain a company. Because of this, we are determined to help our clients achieve the highest ROI available while also maintaining their central business view.

Creative, Trackable, Unmatched

With 15+ years of experience, and a trustworthy reputation, we create a full range of online and offline marketing and design campaigns that produce measurable results. We look for clients who are innovators, and encourage them to think differently about the way they grow their businesses.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies?

  • IMEG provides a suite of interactive online/offline marketing services to manage clients of all shapes and sizes.
  • IMEG is custom designed for the travel and tourism industry.
  • Our attention to quality control, accuracy and results ensure our clients’ brand images are enhanced to their maximum potential.
  • IMEG’s online/offline travel and tourism marketing knowledge and experience rival any in the industry.
  • IMEG’s purpose is to challenge people to think differently about how they grow their business.

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We love IMEG. The work we do, and how we do it, is defined in large by the culture we've created.

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PR/Media Director

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Content Director

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Media Specialist

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Services we provide

Social Media Marketing

Social Media success allows businesses to maintain a personal conversation with their current and potential customers. We take old-fashioned word of mouth and turbo-charge it, promoting your brand, and generating quality leads and assisting you in providing a positive customer experience.

Call Tracking & Call Quality

Call tracking gives clients valuable insight into customer service. By placing a tracking number on each campaign or ad, clients have access to the date & time of calls, call durations, repeat calls, missed calls, caller details, hang-ups and where the call is coming from. When a Call Analyst uses our strategic system to rate the call, it can help you see the value in each call, as well as the ability to track the ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

People are looking for companies just like yours -  we make sure they find you before they find your competition. Our SEO services ensure that your site will naturally rank high in search engines, leading to more online traffic and conversions for your business.

Pay Per Click

The key to creating a successful PPC campaign is driving qualified, purchase-ready, prospects to your website. We do this through continuously monitoring a client’s Pay-Per-Click advertising, and pinpointing which phrases and keywords result in the most profitable conversions for their business.

Creative Design Services

With creative design services, IMEG has one objective – to provide superior graphic design and branding services that help solve problems, drive conversion and create memorable brands for all businesses. Experience, creativity, and efficiency are the cornerstones of our design team.

Website Design & Development

First impressions count! Potential customers decide within 30 seconds whether or not to stay on your site. Our web design and development team has the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, as well as to turn ideas into reality.

Client Relations, PR & Sales

Our Client Relations Managers act as key members of the IMEG sales management team by taking on other job titles, including key accounts manager, client services managers and public relations specialist. Their role is to manage and protect the relationship between IMEG Agency and its clients. As Client relationship managers, our specialists aim to maximize long-term relationships by becoming trusted advisers to clients and strengthening loyalty through facts and followup.

Content Marketing

United by a single goal to create quality content for each of our clients, IMEG’s writing department brings the perfect blend of research and creativity to every project. By combining a working knowledge of SEO with innovative research methods, the writers in IMEG Marketing Agency's writing department work to produce reader-friendly content. Content specialties include website, blogs, press releases, Google local listings, catalogs and more.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is now considered a “must have” tool in your advertising arsenal. It is one of the most cost effective ways to market to your audience. With our eye-catching designs, campaign tracking, and high deliverability, we engage your customers by sending them messages they actually look forward to receiving.

Marketing Optimization

IMEG believes that everything must be constantly tracked and analyzed. We have many proprietary methods and tools we use achieve this, including call tracking, call quality monitoring, analytics and much more.

IMEG's Methods

Some marketing optimization methods we use are A/B split testing. What is A/B testing?  It is when you have two versions of an element (A and B) and a scale that defines success. To determine which version is better, you subject both versions to experimentation. In the end, you measure which version was more successful, and select the version that worked best.

Some marketing optimization methods we use are A/B split testing, where we analyze:

  • What day of the week gets you better open rates?

  • What time of day works best for your content?

  • What subject-line style is most effective?

  • Does time of day affect click rates?

  • What is the best day to do direct mail?

We base our marketing strategy on the answers to these questions to achieve the highest ROI for our clients.


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