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Google reviews disappeared? Here’s what you can do about it.

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Google reviews disappeared? Here’s what you can do about it.

You are definitely not alone. This has happened to many businesses. The most probable cause is that you have become unverified by Google without any notice.

Here’s what you need to do about your missing Google reviews:

  1. Log into Google My Business.
  2. In the upper left corner, open the menu and choose “All Locations.”
  3. If prompted, verify that you are authorized to manage this business and agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Click “Manage Location.”
  5. From the Location page, click “Edit.”
  6. Open the Maps section.
  7. Click “Edit Marker Location.”
  8. Wiggle the map marker just a tiny bit and save.

These steps should refresh your Google business profile and you should be back to normal. If you still can't see your reviews, clear your browser's cache.

As we all know reviews are very important and Google reviews are the hardest to get so they are very valuable. We have compiled a list of other possible reasons your reviews may have disappeared:

Reviews that contain links

Google states that any review with a link in it will be removed.

Extended period of inactivity on Google+

If your page has been inactive for 6 months, they may consider your business unverified. You will not be able to respond to reviews or use other Google Business features until you verify your account again. Google should have contacted you with a 2 weeks notice if this is the case. If you missed this alert, go to https://support.google.com/business#topic=4539639&contact=1 and restore your account. Do this ASAP.

Reviews noted as being spammy

You can read Google policies here to learn more about spammy reviews.

Reviews from 3rd party sites

Google used to pull review data from other sites and platforms like Yelp, Facebook and Yahoo Local – a practice the search engine giant has since stopped.

Duplicate business listing

You can check for duplicate listings by visiting maps.google.com and searching for your business location’s exact name or address.

You have moved locations

If you recently moved, Google typically will move those reviews. If not, go here.

The user that created the review may have deleted it

If you notice a review is missing, it may be because the user the created the review has deleted it.

Need more help? If you need more help with Google reviews or if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help.

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